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Welcome to the Brave Bird Club

"I believe that every influencer deserves the opportunity to showcase their unique identity through high-quality, custom merchandise. My mission is to empower you to connect with your audience in a tangible and memorable way.

Whether you're an influencer looking to create a personal line of products or a brand aiming to expand your reach, I'm here to make your vision a reality."

Sarah Oakley, Brave Bird Club Founder (Pictured right)

Why Choose Us?

Choosing Brave Bird Club means choosing a partner who is as dedicated to your success as you are. Our goal is to help you build a stronger connection with your audience through products that they’ll love and cherish.


"I couldn't be happier with this mug! The design is sharp and detailed, and the mug itself is sturdy and well-made. It's become my go-to for hot drinks, and I've even ordered a few as gifts for friends." Janie

"This is my new favorite t-shirt! The material is really soft, and the sizing is spot-on. The design looks fantastic, and I've already received several compliments on it." Tiffany

"This hoodie is amazing! The fit is perfect, and it's incredibly comfortable. The design looks great, and it hasn't faded or cracked after washing." Claire