Sleep Time Brave Bird Club Meditation
Sleep Time Brave Bird Club Meditation
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Sleep Time Brave Bird Club Meditation

Brave Bird Club
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This Sleep Time Meditation is a treatment for:

night wake ups,
difficulty falling asleep,
disturbed sleep,
stress management,
tension release,


60 minutes 

What to expect:

External pressures and added stresses from work, family, and other stresses can make it difficult to get restful sleep at night. This meditation will help you gently drift off into deep and restful sleep. It includes a reassuring introduction then moves into the sleep inducing techniques. Once you have listened to this meditation a few times you may like to skip the introduction and go straight into the sleep meditation at 4m 55s. 

Your tutor:

Brave Bird Victoria is an award winning and qualified Yoga Teacher and a certified Masters of Wisdom and Meditation teacher with over 20 years of experience specialising in the healing and relaxing effects of yoga for mind and body and has qualifications in healing body work techniques as well as special interest and experience in the practises of Intuitive Energy Work, Sound Healing and Yoga Nidra (Yogic Sleep). Victoria works with people from all walks of life improving physical health, mental health and wellbeing. 

“Hey all you Brave Birds out there! I’m Victoria and I spent the first 23 years my life as a dancer and singer and travelled the world performing. However this ended quite suddenly when I experienced a mental and nervous breakdown which forced me to face up to the mental and emotional health issues I had been struggling with for a lot of my life.

Healing from my breakdown was a slow, lonely and mostly painful experience. I was ashamed, embarrassed and grieving deeply for the life I had lost. I experienced crippling and debilitating anxiety and panic attacks that kept me imprisoned in my house for nearly 2 years but slowly, and with the support of my closest family, friends and teachers, I began to heal. I started practising yoga with a wonderful teacher called Sarah who literally changed my life - yes our very own Brave Bird! (See some heroes don’t wear capes they wear Brave Bird Pants!

Now 16 years on and I am able to support others all over the world through meditation, yoga and holistic therapies. I wear my Brave Bird pants as a reminder that its not just the big challenges that make us brave but that there is bravery in every step, no matter how small that step may feel, or even if the next step means taking a rest and being kind to yourself! Here’s my favourite motto when feeling overwhelmed: “Bean by Bean the bag gets full”

Thank you for reading my story and love and hugs to all you brave birds taking brave steps, you are all my heroes! ❤️🙏”