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Sarah Oakley The Brave Expert Speaker

Last week, I had the honour of delivering a speech to the Women In Business Mallorca 
and I am still buzzing!!!

It was truly a special moment that reinforced my belief in the limitless potential of being brave.

Seeing the smiles 😃,
witnessing the tears 😢 ,
and feeling the positive vibes from the audience affirmed the impact of the message I shared ❤️.

Thank you to everyone who attended the event, and to those who have reached out to me afterwards. Knowing that my speech inspired you has been the ultimate reward as it fuels my passion to continue championing bravery in every way I can.
For those of you who missed it don’t worry, I’ll be sharing more content this week.

Sarah x

ps. Massive thanks to Emma and my speaking agency The Original Thinkers Club, (find me here https://www.theoriginalthinkers.club/storytellersfor your support and guidance these past few months. You make me braver, and I am truly grateful for that.

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