Empowering women to pull up their brave pants!

Led by Sarah Oakley, the Brave Bird Club is a brand new positive and compassionate community
to empower women to pull up their brave pants.
There are no gates to this community. 
Everybody is welcome.
So please do come say 'hi' on our socials! 


Looking for a speaker at your event?

Professional clients look no 'feather'.
Here are some of the corporations Sarah has supported

Boehringer Ingelheim (Pharmaceuticals),
The BBC (The British Broadcasting Company),
PwC (Price Waterhouse Coopers), 
Quantum Care (Residential and Nursing care), 
The Clifton Clinic (Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation),
JHO Management (Music Artist Management),
​The Stroke Association.

To book Sarah Oakley as Speaker please contact Emma at The Original Thinkers club. https://www.theoriginalthinkers.club/sarah-oakley


Charity work

Brave Bird Club fundraises for My Sisters’ House through our pant sales*. Embedded in the Bognor Regis community, this fantastic charity works across the coastal area of West Sussex supporting women with the following:

- Domestic abuse
- Mental health problems
- Food, hygiene and clothing
- Sexual health clinic
- Financial advice


  *When purchased directly from Sarah Oakley at a workshop or event, or from 'My Sisters House', 100% of the profit goes to the charity. When purchased from our online store £1 from every online sale is donated. 


Testimonials for Sarah Oakley

"Sarah has amazing energy and an enthuasim for life that is contagious. She is a knowledgeable teacher, brilliant facilitor and highly creative. She has a huge amout of wisdom in the field of personal development, yoga and holistic wellbeing. She makes learning fun and is a fantastic connector. She is passionate and positive in all things"

Gayle Berry, Entrepreneur, Speaker and 'Loving the World Forward'

"Sarah is one of the bravest birds I know. She is a golden example of someone who will seek help on her journey when she needs it. I have known her as a baby bird who was learning to fly and have watched as she has matured and grown strong. She is great fun to be with and lights up a room with her beautiful smile that now comes from a place of true joy, peace and happiness"

Julie New, Author, Speaker, Personal Recovery Coach

"I first met Sarah almost twenty years ago when she was teaching yoga.  A wonderful teacher, she brought out an inner strength in me which was the catalyst for changing my career and fulfilling lots of ambitions and dreams I didn’t know I had.  After we both had children we launched two businesses together and had a lot of fun along the way.  Sarah was always the perfect business partner: patient, calm and cool in the face of adversity.  When working with clients she has this knack of instantly getting to the heart of what makes someone tick.  

This makes her an intuitive and insightful teacher, coach and mentor.  Professionally and personally we’ve been through a lot together and her love and support has never wavered despite facing some serious challenges. She’s one of the wisest people I know and she is full of kindness and light. I’m so glad I met her and had the chance to work with her."

Elinor Evans, Ex Business Partner

"Sarah’s example has been of learning and change, adapting and accepting. Often there is no choice but to do a lot of the hard work on ourselves alone. I found with Sarah, that I didn’t have to. There was a place for me to feel vulnerable and to sit with that vulnerability. There comes a point where the strongest of those around you, bring you courage enough to fall and fall hard, knowing that you’ll feel it deeply, but RISE all the same."

Nina Hearne, Brave Bird Club Ambassador