Check out these awesome ladies from Featherstone Academic FC!!!

These wondrous peaches belong to a very special group of women whose mission is to unite women across local communities, of all abilities, to come together and experience the physical and mental health benefits of sport. Damn right I’m proud they wear Brave Bird Pants.

The players also have a really inspiring collection of stories that demonstrate resilience and courage that hit the press recently, which you can read about on our socials. Search @bravebirdclub

Special mention to Madeleine France who made this happen. I bloody love you. Also to Kim Grundy who had so much fun taking these photos that she now trains with the team.

Wishing you an amazing end to the season and massive thanks for your support Featherstone Brave Birds!!! Never mind the score, you guys are winning at sisterhood, and a sound reminder to us all that we are braver together.

Sarah x

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