Some people are just born to make others smile and Lucy (pictured above) is one of them. She has funny bones and her attitude to life is brilliant, despite all the challenges she has faced in her life and she’s had more than her fair share believe me.

So….. that is why she is my trusty side kick and my co host on our new podcast ‘Brave Bird Club’.
Click here to listen:

It was actually my husband Jho's idea to involve Lucy as he’s a fan of hers.
I said to him “The Brave Bird vibe needs to be real, authentic and totally accessible but I can be a bit preachy”. 
He said “Ask Lucy if she’ll get involved, she’s the most authentic person I know”.
And….. she said “YES!!” 🙌🙌

Our podcast will give you a little lift and a laugh once a week, and I think we’re all in need of that after the past few years 😅 We’ll also have some incredible BRAVE BIRDs from our community join us over the next few months to share their bravery stories and inspire us all. 

I’m a bit nervous about putting myself out there being and people not liking it. But we’re on a mission so I’m going to channel some BraveBird energy and just go for it 👊

Wish us luck! 

Sarah x

ps. Lucy also runs our Facebook Page. Here's the link to watch her in action:

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