Some days are harder than others. Sometimes you’ll be able to rise to the challenge. Other days you will need to step down to preserve your strength, Both are brave.

It’s easy to think that being in a good place now means I’ve got it all figured out, but the truth is, my life has become easier. My husband can care for himself now and my son is well. I am in a new chapter.

Looking back, I realize that some of my bravest moments were the quieter ones —those times spent in private, taking care of myself and holding onto hope when everything seemed overwhelming. I was far braver in those times when I thought I was a mess and failing at life, than now when I can post a smiley picture and get some likes. The irony of instagram, hey?

Life can throw some pretty challenging curveballs, and today I am remembering that that bravery isn’t always about what we show to the world. Some of our bravest moments are behind closed doors.

My mission is for this community that it encourages us all to support and uplift one another, because you never know who might be struggling with grief, illness or their mental health right now and need a little encouragement.
Sarah x

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