Who are ya?!

Hello you beauties 🤩 I’m very happy to see some fresh faces around here. So I figured it's high time I did another ‘about me post’ about me and this community so we can get acquainted.

I go by Sarah Oakley – the ‘brave' expert, imperfect mum, wife and carer, dog devotee, sunset lover, deep conversation liker and thrill-seeker. Here's a snapshot of yours truly making an appearance on The BBC not too long ago, where I spoke on my mission. And what's that mission, you ask? It's all about giving you a helping hand to pull up your BRAVE pants when life gets hard. 

I stand with this beautiful community as a reminder to believe in yourself and never give up hope. Together we’re basically invincible when it comes to courage 👊💫🩲

Yes! I'm forever yammering on about bravery 😂

But don't get it twisted – I'm not just talking about the rock-hard, superhero, stiff upper lip kind of courage.

Bravery is…

✅ despite life being cruel to you, you still drag yourself out of bed with shaky hands and a pounding heart, and take that first step out the door 

✅ breaking free from a toxic situation and facing the great un known

✅ battling a health issue – be it physical or mental

✅ It is also asking for help.

If this post or this community strikes a chord with you, please do grab yourself some pants 
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Or come say hi on our socials!
Let’s get this conversation going! Can’t wait to hear from you 😃

Sarah x

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